SynapseIndia Noida: Come & join the highly sought after IT company in Noida

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SynapseIndia Noida office is perfectly located at the convenient location of Noida Special Economic Zone (NSEZ). The reputed IT outsourcing company with a huge clientele across Europe and the world, SynapseIndia’s Noida office employs highly experienced, skilled and competent employees in various roles and positions. NSEZ is a hub of various reputed and renowned IT as well as non IT companies.

“IT professionals from all over the NCR as well as other surrounding cities come to Noida in search of promising jobs and for improving their career and growth prospects. Thanks to the various initiatives taken by the government as well as local authorities, Noida has changed drastically and quite impressively in last decade. The city has gone through complete transformed in all these years. Today, Noida has become a highly sought after and chosen destination for IT as well as non IT professionals and reputed companies besides people seeking better housing and residential options in NCR,” as per the IT mentor & advisor – Shamit Khemka.

SynapseIndia Noida office is well equipped and located in NSEZ, which makes it more desirable for the IT professionals.

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SynapseIndia Noida: A highly preferred workplace among IT professionals in National Capital Region

SynapseIndia Noida

SynapseIndia Noida is one of the highly sought after workplaces among IT professional, job seekers in national capital region (NCR). SynapseIndia is a globally recognized IT outsourcing company with its office in the UK as well. In India, it is perfectly located in NSEZ (Noida Special Economic Zone), Noida. The company maintains great working culture, highly conducive work environment and proximity to New Delhi – the capital city of India are few of the compelling reasons that make SynapseIndia a favorite employer among IT professionals.

“Noida has grown at a commendable pace over the last decade. From roads and infrastructure development, connectivity to surrounding cities, and women safety, security to law & order, etc., the growth and development has been multifaceted and quite impressive,” as per IT entrepreneur – Shamit Khemka.

SynapseIndia Noida office is equipped with latest amenities, ergonomic chairs for all employees to sit comfortably on, purified water for drinking, and other features and facilities that make working here so much enjoyable and relaxed.

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Noida – a highly sought after job location among IT professionals around Delhi NCR

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SynapseIndia Noida office is fully equipped with latest and most updated accessories required for making a workplace comfortable for the employees. The office is located right in the NSEZ (Noida Special Economic Zone), Noida. Other offices of SynapseIndia are located in the USA and UK.

“Over the last few year, Noida has grown in many ways and the change has been really impressive, so far. The city is growing at a very fast pace with world class infrastructure, great connectivity to other states & cities, and all facilities that are required for high quality living. Noida attracts job seekers, businesses and residents alike. This city has changed a lot in last decade,” says Shamit Khemka – the Managing Director of SynapseIndia.

SynapseIndia Noida office is the right place for you to be, if you are looking for great working culture and excellent environment.

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Noida – the land of opportunities for IT professionals and IT companies nationwide

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SynapseIndia Noida office is located right in the heart of Noida – NSEZ (Noida Special Economic Zone). The city is highly sought after among leading IT as well as non IT companies desirous of setting up their offices around the national capital, New Delhi. SynapseIndia offers outstanding IT enabled services to its clients across the USA, UK, Australia, Europe and worldwide.

“Noida has grown at an incredible pace in the last decade. Whether you look at its infrastructure, roads, and connectivity to other cities or law & order situation, the city is best in all regards for setting up offices. IT professionals from across the nation prefer Noida as their job location,” as per Shamit Khemka – the IT mentor and advisor.

SynapseIndia Noida is currently hiring peolpe for various job roles. If you are also interested, then you must get in touch with the human resource team here!

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SynapseIndia Noida employs competent IT professionals

Noida is a preferred job location among IT professionals across the country

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SynapseIndia Noida office is situated at a very convenient location in Noida Special Economic Zone. The company caters to the challenging and unique IT needs of clients from a diverse range of industry verticals encompassing real estate, retail & wholesale, science and medicine, education, apparel, aviation, automobiles, law, healthcare, and many others. The company has a huge clientele spread all over the world. Outstanding quality of services and technological solutions has made SynapseIndia a reliable and trusted name among businesses across the globe. The company’s Noida office is a favorite workplace among employees and IT professionals around the national capital region.

“Whether you talk about infrastructural development and growth, connectivity by road to other states, safety of women, and other aspects, Noida is is growing in all respects,” as per IT entrepreneur and mentor – Shamit Khemka.

SynapseIndia Noida office is right workplace for those seeking great growth opportunities in their career in NCR.

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Noida – a fast growing technology hub and a favorite job location among IT experts!

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SynapseIndia Noida office is very spacious and perfectly located in the Noida Special Economic Zone where some of the top IT as well as non IT companies have their offices as well.

“Noida is a world class city where people love to come for work and business. The city has grown at a commendable rate in all these years in all aspects – from condition of roads and infrastructure, and development to women safety and law and order situation. The city attracts job seekers as well as employers from all parts of the country to work here and set up their offices here,” as per Shamit Khemka – IT mentor and advisor.

SynapseIndia Noida office is equipped with comfortable and ergonomic chairs for employees, clean and purified drinking water, environment friendly equipment, and all other facilities that make working enjoyable here!

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